Monday, August 10, 2009

Riley's World

I think my four year old is smart. I mean maybe he's not. I don't know. Sometimes he seems very bored and gets into a lot of trouble. At the same time, I'm impressed with some of the things he's put together in his own little world.

Recently we were at Toys R Us. Riley walked by a toy display shelf and suddenly from behind me I heard him say: "WHAT THE...Buck?" We thought it was funny that he says "What the gummy worm?" or thanks to Uncle (who's really our cousin) Matt, he says, "What the Bandaid!" When I heard Riley shout that, I nearly died of embarrassment while I looked around to see if any parent with small children noticed my four year old swearing. Then Riley quickly said, "Look Mom! It's BUCK!" I was relieved to see Ice Age had a new toy out called Buck. Then I tried to explain to Riley why he couldn't say that anymore.

Then a few days later I asked Riley if he wanted to be a veterinarian when he grows up. He replied, "Mom, I want to be a daddy!" Our conversation went like this

Me: First you have to get married.
Riley: I'll marry you mom.
Me: I'm already married to daddy.
Riley: I'll marry Reagan
Me: You can't marry your sister
Riley: MOM, I told you I'm gonna marry Hannah!
Me: That's a great choice. I like Hannah. Are you going to have kids?
(In his best, you're crazy mom voice) Riley: I'm not gonna have any kids!
Me: How are you gonna be a daddy without kids?
Riley: Whoa whoa whoa. Let me tell ya somethin' mom.
Me: Ok (thinking Uhoh!)
Riley: I (pointing to himself) came outta you. And REAGAN came out of YOU! I'm NOT having any kids!

I left Riley playing with Reagan's new Leap Frog Magnets on the fridge this afternoon. A few minutes later he comes running into my office and says he has a surprise for me. He led me back to the fridge with my eyes closed and then surprised me with apparently the only sentence he could think of spelling without repeating letters:


queenmari August 13, 2009 at 1:23 PM  

thank you for the coments you left. i am glad to meet you. i did a year of law school at boalt (uc berkeley) ages ago--hated it and went on to social work. now i want to do law school again so i'm doing the paralegal program and then kaplan to study for the lsat (again) and hopefully do well enough to look at law school again here in washington. it is so much more competitive now than it was my first time around.

i wish you nothing but the best with your applications. are you doing only seattle u?

your children are adorable.


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