Thursday, May 28, 2009

While we were in Cannon Beach we went to Furtano's Pizza. It was a cute little Pizzeria by the Ocean. We love Pizza - maybe too much. We recentlydiscovered Zeke's Pizza in downtown Kirkland and we frequent that Pub often now.

Riley showed off his excellent building skills working on his sand castle. It's apparently not all he was showing off.

Reagan was happy to help build. She's a gal that needs to be doing something. She also graciously offered to destroy our sand city before we left.

Riley's sand hole and the city of Jerusalem!

While we were at Cannon Beach we inherited an abandon deep sand hole from a group of older kids that were leaving when we arrived. Riley was so excited about getting into a hole that was over his head. It even had stairs going down to it.
We set about building a small city of castles around it which Riley called "Jerusalem" and then proceeded to mix the story of Jesus and Joseph and something about frogs. Nevertheless, it was fun.
We had a fantastic gal from South Africa staying with us for two weeks. While she was here, I learned a bit of Afrikaans. I've learned a lot about languages this year! I had no idea Afrikaans was close to German and could translate a lot more than I expected to be able to. Leane was a wonderful addition to our family for the two weeks she was here.
Sean and I got away one evening for the Drive for Dreams Golf Classic at the Newcastle Golf Club which is a gorgeous facility. It makes me wish I could play golf, but I don't. With my southern accent, I can hardly say golf...actually. We had a wonderful evening at the dinner and auction. One of my favorite auction items is dessert. Every table bids for dessert and dessert choices begin with the highest bidding table to the least.
After the dinner, we visited with our lovely friends Bev and Bryan. Bev went with me to Germany last year and Bryan is a retired Bellevue Police Officer. We love spending time with and had a wonderful evening.
The weather in Seattle has mostly been sunny and 70s. We've had beautiful, sunny days. This morning I met a friend for coffee and yesterday we played at the park all afternoon. Riley had a great time sans his "monster" sister who usually steals the show. It's gonna be great when Sean goes back to work, but I'm gonna miss this some what of a vacation. I've enjoyed having him around even though he's still busy with school.

We've been busy lately, but life is great in the Pacific Northwest!


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