Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is Saturday. It is sunny! Tomorrow it's supposed to be close to 70 which is fantastic for Mother's Day. If we do what we've always done, we'll take the kids to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and take pictures like the ones above.
I scheduled my May Activity and in a moment of complete uncreativeness, I decided the au pairs would go to the Cougar Mountain Zoo. I'm actually looking forward to it now that I realize they have a bird exhibit and they specialize in habitats and endangered animals. Certainly the au pairs will find it interesting too.
My best friend from childhood became a mom this week when she delivered an adorable little boy! When I saw his picture for the first time I was almost moved to tears! My friend has always been like my little sister and I am so excited for the arrival of Logan!!
Logan's arrival brings the tally to FIVE new sets of parents among our friends in four weeks!
My kids have been running around in their matching lion suits since yesterday. Reagan likes to growl at Riley and dog pile on top of him. Now she's going to pick out a cute dress to wear this afternoon with hairbows. I love that she's so diverse in her personality. At night she has a new routine of getting together her favorite bed fodder and then walking herself to her crib. I think independence is genetic because I never intended for them to be so independent and yet they both are.
I've also started making phone calls and plans with the assumption that we will be home schooling Riley next year. Since he's reading Stuart Little and he's barely 4.5, I think it seems futile to put him a class of kids turning 4. At the same time, he is only 4 and he still struggles quite a lot with being sensitive and emotional. It's hard to know where to put him. Home schooling seems to be the right solution for him with a weekly plan for co-op teaching. That means I need to get my lazze faire self into planning gear. It's funny how you can think parenting babies and toddlers is hard, but I'm beginning to realize each year gets harder. Yay.


Debbie May 10, 2009 at 6:22 PM  

With all those babies, there has to be something in the water! :-) Just keep up in your next of the woods...


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