Saturday, November 21, 2009


We haven't had a busy November. Riley is enjoying school. He's been learning fine motor skills and his coloring has gone from scribbling to amazing! He brings home these works of art that look more like something Sean worked with him on than something I would do. I'm so happy with his school. It's been a wonderful experience to feel great about taking him there every day and not worrying about taking him out or moving him or what to do next. It's been the best year we've had with him since he was two.

Reagan learned to talk and exploded with words. She doesn't care about descriptions or detail, but she has very commanding language and uses it well. Don't do that! Give that back! Hey, Spit that out! I want that now! Everything about her is so determined and tenacious. You can't tell Reagan what to do and she is not so easily persuaded into something as Riley was. I have to pick my battles with her. For now, we've drawn the line at throwing things at people and hitting them. Her victim is usually Riley. With some proper channeling, she has potential to do something with that someday. Right?

Reagan understands numbers in a way Riley never seemed to care. She understand proportions and one and one. She doesn't care what a letter is as long as it's a letter or what a color is as long as it's a color and she classifies animals by horse, whale, and bird. Everything falls into those categories by whether it swims, flies, or walks on 4 legs. She is very big picture if ever a child was big picture.

Both the kids have been sick. Riley was in so much pain the other night that we finally decided we had to take him to the emergeny room. By the time we decided to go in, the doctor's office was about to open. We went straight to the office and Riley laid down on the floor in front of their door. They let us in early and saw him. I felt really glad to have dodged the emergency room having spent way too much time there myself in years past. It was a dangerous infection and we spent most of the day going back and forth until we got the right medicine.

He seems to be ok, but we'll have to take him to have his hearing tested in about two weeks to make sure he's fine.

November has been it's cold, rainy, windy self. Thanksgiving is next week and with Santa already making his rounds the holiday season is in full gear.


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