Sunday, May 3, 2009

The deadline to register for the LSAT is the 5th of May to take the test in June. If I don't take it now, I'll have one shot at it in September. Meh.

Everything in the world seems up in the air right now. We're waiting to see what happens with Sean's job, we're waiting to see what happens after he finishes his MBA, we're waiting to find out if Riley will go to Kindergarten or not. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Meh. When we get all those things settled, maybe we can plan a vacation, but by the time we do get things settled vacation season will be over. Meh.

The weekend weather was so-so. We dropped the car off in Redmond to get the oil changed and walked around downtown. As soon as we got to a place for dinner, it started pouring rain. We walked back about a mile or more in the rain, but thankfully the jogger stroller has a cover. The kids didn't melt.

You know how you can go online and buy a kids outfit at gymboree with all the accessories? Why don't they do that at Nordstrom or Macy's or Forever 21? My life would be easier if I could reproduce a look by simply clicking on an outfit and ordering everything from jewelry to shoes in one sweep. I hate shopping, but I really hate looking doudy. Meh.

I drive Riley a lot to school and back every day and I'm always inspired to write when I'm driving, but not so much when I actually blog. Meh.


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